I can’t tell my mum anything without it getting to my sister and then inadvertently to my dad. Who I didn’t want to know this piece of information.

Fuck. 1000km can’t even keep my private info private.

Damage control time.

I’ve been told twice in the past week that I shouldn’t have much to complain about because I live in Australia and, I quote, “your weather forecasts are uniform”.

This has, firstly, nothing to do with non-weather-related issues/life circumstances; and secondly, is not at all true.

Where is this Australia with “nice” “uniform” weather that supposedly exists? What have they been telling you in the UK (these people were both from the UK)? Last week was hot and humid (25°C); yesterday was mild (18°C); this morning started at 24°C and sunny and now it is 17°C and raining. Seriously, there is no consistency here.